The Broken Bus Ministry

Our Story

The Broken Bus ministry is a grass-roots Christian organization brought to life by a Liberty Township family in 2013.  After serving the homeless population with its church and falling in love with the “people of the streets” in Cincinnati, the local family of four decided to venture out on their own. What began as weekly adventures downtown to serve food out of their car evolved into the purchasing of a mobile service vehicle which drives the streets of Cincinnati weekly; feeding, clothing and building relationships with those experiencing homelessness in our city.

With no plan in place aside from a strong faith and a command from God, a six month search for an appropriate vehicle ended in an abandoned, neglected, deteriorating, bus being brought home to a subdivision in Liberty Township. The family began using community resources to transform the bus into a mobile service vehicle that now houses food, clothing, shoes, toiletries, blankets, bibles and a vast array of other necessities.  Transforming the previous back doors intended for a wheelchair lift into a serving window allows for volunteers to ride along. serving the homeless population in a safe yet intimate way. Once transformed, the bus began its weekly trips downtown and the mission of the ministry came to life: Serving those in need throughout greater Cincinnati while planting seeds of servant ministry among the members of their own community.

Initially operating out of the family’s home, donations and the bus itself are now housed in a small building in Fairfield, Ohio. A Board of Directors was created and a group of volunteers joined the mission, managing the operations at the facility. While serving the homeless population and those in need throughout the greater Cincinnati area is one of their top priorities, The Broken Bus firmly believes it is equally important to provide members of their own community the opportunity to serve others.

Currently in its fifth year of operations, the bus travels to downtown Cincinnati weekly, taking up to five volunteers to serve on the front lines.  In addition, the founder of the ministry makes regular visits to schools, companies and events to present information about the importance of serving others along with educational presentations about the homeless population.

Interested in getting involved? Please check out our additional links to learn how to get involved and contribute to God’s plan of loving those less fortunate through The Broken Bus Ministry.